Special patterns


The term special patterns includes extraordinary types of wood finishes. It requires a lot of skills, fantasy and sense of it. The result is not just varnished furniture, but a masterpiece representing your craft skills. It’s your piece of art.
PATINA is a thin layer on the wooden surface, which is a product of oxidation. It is naturally caused by furniture wearing out or other objects falling on the wooden surface. The advantage of wood patina is that a film is made on the surface, which is nowadays done synthetically. Artificers often add patina as a part of original design or furniture decoration by intent to evoke vintage look on new furniture. The process of patina application is called PATINATION. There are many different types of patination (for cover paints and stains, for porous wood, for nonporous wood and MDF). You may also get new tones by the combination of several patina types.

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